Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Getting back into the swing

Well I've been spending a lot of time on a new project called openlubbs and not done much else. I'm now getting back into the dev swing and completing PenPal, which has had a complete redesign - screen shots soon.

On an unrelated note one thing that has irked me is the fact that Mc Donalds (whom I don't use anyway) charge £ 1.19 on a "pound saver menu" for a cheeseburger that in the USA costs $1 on their dollar menu. As I'm pandering to an international audience, £ 1.19 is approximately ~$2, for the Brits it means we should be paying ~£ 0.55. We pay more that 100% more for our cheeseburgers!!!
It's not just Mc Donalds either, it's happening on a huge number of products in the UK - why do people just accept this behaviour?
I emailed Mc Donalds in the UK (who incidentally won't allow you to email them if you're under 16 because of their email privacy policy.... they ask you to write instead) about this issue. I've received no reply, and I expect I never will.