Sunday, August 14, 2011

Reebok i-Run (Reebok Pure?) - Change KPH to MPH

The Reebok i-Run treadmill manual is poor and doesn't explain how to change the distance metric (from KPH to MPH or vice versa) and I know it's really annoying when you accidentally switch the modes during usage but can't work out how it was done (or if it was a software bug in the console).

There appears to be many versions of this treadmill (and I think it's now named the Reebok Pure), at least 2 i-Run and an i-Run plus so the following may not work but did for me:

Instructions to change distance metric:

  1. Plug in treadmill.
  2. Remove safety key.
  3. On the console hold down the Down Arrow button and Start button with one hand, and plug the safety key back in with the other,
  4. The display should show the current mode ("KM" or "ML"), press the Start button to choose your preferred mode.
  5. Press the Stop/Enter button to save and start the regular treadmill display, distances and speed will now be in your chosen metric.

Hope this helps, if it does just drop me a thank you below! :)