Monday, January 28, 2008

Aerofoil 1.4.2 & Gesture Magic Preview 2

Having said I wouldn't do any more Aerofoil updates I did another- but I won't be taking this project any further because in my mind version 1.4.1 was as simple and elegant as I could get it.

New features added in 1.4.2:
- Added an optional configuration file to set default values, including showing messages, showing the hibernate option etc.
- Added double click icon event handler
- Upgraded the Visual Studio Project to Visual Studio 2008.

On the downside because of the the user definable config the size just went up 3k (10%), not that 32K vs 29.5K is really going to break the bank!

Usual places for the C# source code or just the download

Finally.... this is what is taking up my project time.....

Sunday, January 06, 2008

How to boot Windows Vista in 30 seconds or less

This has got to be the single largest performance improvement for Windows Vista, with very little work - improving the from switched off to full desktop time for Windows Vista from 130 seconds to 30 seconds (23%). Why is this feature overlooked so often?

If you came here from youtube, you're probably looking for Aerofoil. Get it on my last blog post

Watch the video to find out more.