Monday, August 31, 2009

FollowMe 1.2 (the new name for LocateMe)

Since its release in early 2008 LocateMe 1.1 has been a great program, but is slipping behind the times compared to now many other similar modern hardware tracking solutions.

LocateMe has also unintentionally shared the same name as other similar popular software for iphone and pocket pc (which admittedly has probably helped in its success), so now its name is changing, it's shortly to be called FollowMe.

I'll be releasing a new build with improved phone compatibility within the next few days, and, new to FollowMe 1.2 is the ability to track multiple targets.

The roadmap for FollowMe 2.0 includes a beaconing feature and an innovative (and hush hush) feature that I'll be divulging on the day of release.

Keep an eye on this blog :)