Monday, July 23, 2007


On my HP notebook I've just had the misfortune of using the built in HP QuickPlay update to update it to revision 3.3, this is software written by a company called Cyberlink who don't provide support unless you are a member.

When you "update" to version 3.3 via the application (not via HP's site or HP update) it will DOWNGRADE, let me just stress that again,


the software so you can no longer view media files, use your built in HP web cam etcetera.

Rolling back via System Restore is futile (the app doesn't restore - nothing works at all now) and even reinstalling 3.0 or 3.2 still leaves you with just DVDPlay (the DVD playing part of Quickplay).

Frankly I am very pissed off at just wasting 5 hours in vain trying to restore the web cam functionality in Quickplay but 3.3 does something to prevent you restoring it.

If anyone knows how to fix this drop me a comment, personally I am no longer using Cyberlink's products and I'll be advising friends the same.