Thursday, April 23, 2009

Retro fun

As usual software development on Gesture Magic and Vampire Castle is taking a back seat, mostly because I've found other more distracting things to do. Hey at least I got LocateME updated to 1.1 :)

So now I'm

- Playing with and programming for a ZX Spectrum +3, for the hell of it.
- Restoring another broken ZX Spectrum +3 I was given.
- Playing Fallout 3.
- Ebaying
- Watching Reaper Season 1 (on import from Amazon).
- Gardening.
- House DIY.
- Enjoying the Sun (we get so little of it in the UK).
- Moving my ISP (and thus all my downloads). Namesco botched up, Plusnet takes over.

I'm toying with writing a Java JPG -> Spectrum BASIC slideshow viewer, just to see what I can get away with regards to funky colour clash etc

I'll probably regret saying this but if you've read this far and want to see progress on some of my existing apps email me or drop me a comment, I need motivation, no promises. ben at