Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Image To ZX Spec 2.0.2 Maintenance Release

Release Overview:

This maintenance release fixes video frame dropping (thanks to David at arbitraryfiles.com for finding it) and corrects source code copyrights.
UPDATE 4/1/2019: Recent 2.0.2 builds did not have the build version correctly displayed in the UI - this has been fixed but otherwise functionality remains identical.

What is Image to ZX Spectrum?

Image to ZX Spec(trum) is a utility to convert image and video files to a REAL ZX Spectrum as a slideshow/video, to a Spectrum compatible file format for games development (SCREEN$ "scr" format) or create retro art posters or gifs (images of any size - memory limited - can have a Spectrum effect applied to them).

For more info and examples have a look at previous release posts or the early version tutorial



Downloads (nb all builds are x64 - 64 Bit CPUs only):

imagetozxspec-windows-2.0.2.zip (sha1: 576B30757F9653A13EEAAB0181F352F608F43594)
imagetozxspec-macos-2.0.2.zip (sha1: 07F75548ECF9F58100965E4C0B68BDE0FE59D9AD)
imagetozxspec-linux-2.0.2.zip (sha1: ABD008A50800A4F08C03C64AC270F3B9BA5F560D)

Changelog for 2.0.2:
  • Fixed related bugs to do with output image naming and missing output images
  • Updated copyright
  • Minor code clean up