Thursday, August 09, 2012

Image To ZX Spec 1.3.3 Released

Version 1.3.3_01 of Image To ZX Spec is now freely available!
Image to ZX Spec is written in Java and will work on Windows, Linux (tested on Ubuntu) or any Java 6 capable operating system.

Full colour conversion

Image To ZX Spec is an image and video converter that can produce "Spectrumized" retro art images of any size and convert real work to use on the ZX Spectrum, an emulator as a slideshow or video. This is useful to create music videos, posters, mock screenshots, to name a few - you do not even need a Spectrum to use this program!

  • Convert most avi formats/divx video to anim gifs or virtual tapes (for use in an emulator or on a real Spectum)!
  • Convert any image to a format a real Spectrum can display.
  • Convert any image to a full (original) size image with a retro Spectrum effect.
  • Multi core high speed conversion - configurable!
  • Fully automatic conversion, you just choose how you want to apply the effects.
  • Pre processing (brightness colour etc.) options.
  • Multiple dither (colour correction) options - 15 in total, that's excluding image to text and no dither options!
  • Multiple previews of all the dither options.
  • Many colour modes, such as monochrome, full 15 colour and the exotic "Gigascreen" colour mode (102 colours on a ZX Spectrum!)
  • Localised GUI - German, Greek, Italian, Polish and Spanish
Text conversion

Changes (since 1.3.1):

Version 1.3.3_01
  • Added internationalisation support.
  • Added new languages - German, Greek, Italian, Polish and Spanish.
Version 1.3.3
  • Added random single frame video preview.
  • Added improved video format support.
  • More monochrome dither fixes.
  • More UI changes.
  • Added serpentine error diffusion option.
  • Added error diffusion constraining option.
  • Improved error diffusion accuracy.
Version 1.3.2
  • Added Character Conversion (image to text).
  • Fixed long standing monochrome dithering bug (loss of detail).
  • UI changes for new options and usability changes.
  • Source code contains initial ground work for Muffin web proxy.
Gigascreen (102 colour) conversion


Image to ZX Spec 1.3.3 Standalone (direct download, just unzip and double click jar file to start).
Try Image to ZX Spec 1.3.3 online.
Image to ZX Spec 1.3.3 source code (note GPL 2.0 licenced).