Sunday, October 14, 2007

Aerofoil 1.3 - Aero Disabler / Laptop Battery Saver (Final Version)

In response to the positive feedback I received I've put together a final version of Aerofoil - I won't be adding any more new features simply because the majority of people wanted me to keep it a simple one purpose utility. To briefly recap what this program does - it disables Vista Aero Glass when your Microsoft Vista laptop is running on battery. Ordinarily Vista would do this for you but only when using the "Power Saver" scheme but not in any other power schemes. You can also enable/disable Glass manually from the notify icon.

UPDATE: Smaller faster 1.4.5 version available here

This version

  • Has a bumped version number - 1.3 better reflects code maturity over 0.1.3

  • Uses a fixed tool window (so it no longer shows in shows in Alt-tab)

  • Simplifies the code (just a tiny bit more code reuse - I don't think it can get any better!)

  • Includes fully commented source code

Remember you need Vista Premium or better to use this (Vista Basic for obvious reasons won't work).

Download Aerofoil 1.3 here
GPL source code here