Sunday, April 11, 2010

Mozilla Personas Updated

Just a quick note to say I've added three new Lanzarote personas.

You can get them all here

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Image to ZX Spec 1.2.1 Released

Update: Version 1.3.0(_01) has been released
Version 1.2.1(_02) of this application has now been released and is freely available.

award image

Image to ZX Spec 1.2.1 is a multi core capable image and video converter that can produce vintage computer art images (jpeg/png) of any size and can even convert work to a real ZX Spectrum (or an emulator) as a slideshow or video. This is useful to create retro music videos, posters, mock screenshots etc etc - you do not even need a Spectrum to use this program!

Just to show you how easy it is here's one I made earlier in 15 mins:

Key features include being able to:

- Apply a "Spectrumized" effect to any size JPEG, PNG or GIF image.
- Convert AVI or MOV files to ZX Spectrum video with optional video loader.
- Convert any JPEG, PNG or GIF image, convert to a ZX Spectrum slideshow (.tap file), or to ZX Spectrum SCREEN images (.scr file).
- Choose from numerous processing options as to how the images will be converted, including customising how colour "attribute" clash is handled.
- Convert an entire directory of images in one go.
- Change all processing options on-the-fly.
- Java based - works on Microsoft Windows, Ubuntu, etc or try it online! (Requires Java 6 to be installed)

Third party artwork:
zxthetics (Hi-Fi Lo-Fi / Digital Impressionism / Faux-Bit)
Prosthetic Knowledge/More zxthetics works
8 Bit Tron


Java 6 or better
Online version: >256MB memory free (image size limited).
Standalone version: >512MB memory free (larger image sizes permitted).


Try Image to Zx Spec 1.2.1_02 online.
Image to ZX Spec 1.2.1_02 Standalone (just unzip and double click jar file to start).
Image to ZX Spec 1.2.1_02 Source code and Javadoc (note GPL 2.0 licenced).
Tutorial and demo videos