Saturday, December 29, 2007

Aerofoil 1.4.1 - Minor Graphical/Source Update

I should have held off release of the Aerofoil 1.4 a little longer - I couldn't help but tweak it for the following:

- Blue Hibernate option in system tray menu (was red - I didn't like it because it was too "in your face").
- Removed one of the system tray menu "separator" lines because the menu was getting too big.
- Made "About" window slightly transparent (looks more professional).
- Smaller executable (1.5K less at 29.5K, 30K on disk) by improving the Visual Studio solution and removing some method redirection in code.

Download and source code

Okay I'm now officially off the Aerofoil sidetrack and back on the Gesture Magic beaten path again...!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Aerofoil 1.4 Available

Aerofoil 1.4 is now available to download!

- Disables Aero Glass when your Windows Vista notebook is on battery
- Optionally disables Windows Sidebar when on battery
- Optionally changes Windows Power Plan when on battery
- Allows manual enabling/disabling of Aero Glass.

New Features for 1.4:

- Hibernate option added for quick access.
- User guide included (just a simple text with FAQ).
- Updated "About" text

Fixes for 1.4:

- Issue with Vista ignoring Aerofoil's (automatic) re-enable Aero Glass requests should be fixed.
- Tray icon tooltip is not so eager to appear.
- Tiny memory leak fixed (only occurred on exiting Aerofoil).

LINKS UPDATED FOR Aerofoil 1.4.3

Note the downloads include a readme.txt file which describes how to configure Aerofoil should you want to (it does also work out of the box :) )

Now available to download:
Aerofoil 1.4.3

Or you may prefer to learn how it works:
C# source code for 1.4.3

Please drop a comment if you find this useful, want to provide feedback, tell me how it added 2 hours to your notebook battery life...