Sunday, August 04, 2013

Image To ZX Spec 1.3.4 Released

Image To ZX Spec 1.3.4 has now been released.

For a full description read more here

Changes (since 1.3.4):

Version 1.3.4
  • Updated for Java 7.
  • Added VLC compatible video importing option.
  • Added simultaneous video decode/spectrum encode.
  • Added new prefer detail setting improving output.
  • Added new Sierra error diffusion option.
  • Added automatic preference saving.
  • Added dynamic memory allocation (grabs as much free as possible).
  • Added conversion cancel button (finally!)
  • Removed some redundant localisation code.
  • English text and licenses changes.

Image to ZX Spec 1.3.4 Standalone (direct download, just unzip and double click jar file to start).
Try Image to ZX Spec 1.3.4 online.
Image to ZX Spec 1.3.4 source code