Monday, January 28, 2008

Aerofoil 1.4.2 & Gesture Magic Preview 2

Having said I wouldn't do any more Aerofoil updates I did another- but I won't be taking this project any further because in my mind version 1.4.1 was as simple and elegant as I could get it.

New features added in 1.4.2:
- Added an optional configuration file to set default values, including showing messages, showing the hibernate option etc.
- Added double click icon event handler
- Upgraded the Visual Studio Project to Visual Studio 2008.

On the downside because of the the user definable config the size just went up 3k (10%), not that 32K vs 29.5K is really going to break the bank!

Usual places for the C# source code or just the download

Finally.... this is what is taking up my project time.....

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