Saturday, March 29, 2008

Gesture Magic to be released for free next week

Gesture Magic has been sitting on my PC for the last few months and hasn't changed much*, but by the end of next week you'll be able to get your mitts on it - for nothing - gratis - free!

Gesture Magic allows you to start programs or batch files by painting gestures on screen - directly on top of the desktop. Whilst this may not seem amazingly useful (especially when you could just use program shortcuts), it looks cool and with some configuration and some crafty batch file usage you could probably accomplish some complex tasks more quickly.

* Regrettably the code isn't great and is unfinished (i.e. prototypish so not a good example of C# code :( ), but so it doesn't rot I'll release it as GPL as bug fixed as I can make it. Feel free to build on it, but remember to provide the source.

Here's the youtube preview of an earlier version.


Anonymous said...

Well it looks cool but hardly useful. Get back to me once it works like Microsoft Surface ;)

Anonymous said...

If you can turn this into a StrokeIt replacement for Vista, A LOT of people will love you dearly :)

Here's the site:

Good luck...

Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to this one! As a launcher I use Launchy on my Tablet when it is in Notebook-mode, but I do not have a launcher when converted into Tablet-mode... I am really interested to see, how well I can use this with my digitzer-pen!