Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Upcoming exclusive free software schedule

Below I present an estimated schedule of upcoming software available here (free):

ProductFeaturesEstimated completion date
Vampire Castle 1.0 (Nintendo DS)First release of this gameLate August/early to mid September
Gesture Magic 1.1 (Windows)New built in gesture actions (e.g close window), better accessor keys, amongst other small improvements (this is a minor improvement release)September
A new Nintendo DS project (I can't reveal more until this goes into production - sorry, however this project has already been planned ahead)Includes wifi, mapping, video, some smooth jazz and advertising (NOT INTRUSIVE - trust me, this is a feature you'll enjoy :) )December/January (I'm looking for a Christmas Day release)
Aerofoil Extra 1.0 (Windows) Aerofoil versions 1.4.1/.2 have proven so popular I'm creating a "pro" version. Aerofoil 1.4, due to its designed simplicity and small size will become "Aerofoil Lite". At least this is the intention. Lets see how it goes...Subject to change - power managed hardware disabling, customisable process shutdowns on low power, XP compatibility, benchmarking and time estimates, task priority adjustments based on power mode, possibly written in C++ (not C# as per original).February/March 2009

P.S. Google Analytics tells me Silent Development has now hit a new peak of 170 hits in a day - so whoever the "silent" hoards are - thanks for making this blog so popular, I'll try and keep the content original and fresh! :)

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