Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Where can I get a Wii Fit?

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This was a question I asked Google a few days ago, but only found notification sites telling me when HMV, GAME, Amazon etc. etc. had stock. This is obviously no good if you want them tomorrow, or are not fast enough to "preorder" online - and cynically, I think stock will probably be gone by the time most people get through the process (or they could just delay your order until the next lot of stock comes in).

I have a suspicion Nintendo are deliberately not ending the shortage - have you seen how many "Rock Band", "Guitar Hero 3" etc etc there are? No hardware shortages there, yet Wii Fit is always out of stock and has been for half a year. What happens near Christmas? We'll see headlines like:

"Parents given the run around for Wii Fit"

"Nintendo promises to fix Wii Fit shortage before Christmas"

"Wii Fit Number 1 in Nintendo charts" (only because it sells out)

"Wii Fit sold out"

Can you see what is happening here? Wii WII WII all the way ho... to the bank.

Well if you want one NOW (and you live in the north of England) I recommend you get one from SCAN for £116.31 Inc VAT (go down and pick one up - as otherwise postage will be a fortune - it's heavy). Note Aria also sell Wii Fit but are even more expensive (I wouldn't recommend them based on returns and supposedly "next day delivery" experience).

Yes it's really extortion, but unless you are prepared to accept the risk, think of it as insurance, or if you want it for Christmas, but can use it now, think of the price difference ~£45 as gym lessons up to Christmas.

If I find any more "off the beaten track" places for Wii Fit I'll do another post, good hunting, especially if you're still trying to find that elusive and rare <£70 Wii Fit.

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