Monday, October 06, 2008

Aerofoil 1.4.5 "Bug" and (simple) "Solution"

A few users have been commenting that they have been starting Aerofoil and the settings they have selected in the installer have not been picked up.

This appears to be a "user error".

On install, the installer puts your chosen configuration settings in the program group and startup folder shortcuts for Aerofoil..

Unfortunately the majority of affected users (3 I know of to date) have been starting the Aerofoil.exe in C:\Program Files\Aerofoil instead of with these shortcuts, which of course does not have the chosen settings and starts with everything enabled.

For users who want to run the application manually, please use the shortcut in the "All Programs -> Aerofoil" program group. If you no longer have Aerofoil shortcut icons simply running the installer again will create them (and allow you to reconfigure Aerofoil).

If you are using the shortcuts and still have problems please drop a comment below and an obfuscated email address I can get in contact with you on. Please also verify you are using Aerofoil 1.4.5 by viewing the about box before contacting me (remember if you are updating Aerofoil that you need to exit it before running the new installer).




Anonymous said...

Hi Benjamin, the application should either have a settings.xml or store the settings in the registry as you will always have people that start from Program Files.

I'm in software development myself and here is what I suggest you do:

1. Add "Aerofoil" program group entry
2. Add option at the end of the installer to run Aerofoil

The second option will prevent people going to search how to start it after it has been installed. And if you start from installer you can guarantee it is with the correct options.

If you want to email, contact me at dicks[@]

Bye and thanks for the cool app!

Anonymous said...

I tried your suggestion (shortcut to desktop) and every time I restart and run the program, the previous settings I'd chosen in the last session (before rebooting) are lost - such as disabling "Auto Sidebar" or "Auto Power Plan".

Can you please advise!

Thanks you,


Benjamin said...

Hi Hazemusa,

Please delete the shortcuts and run the installer again - the default settings are permanently set by the installer *in the shortcuts* when you run it. Not running it from the shortcuts it creates will enable all settings - the installer will put a correctly configured shortcut for you in the startup folder for your machine, used when the machine restarts.

The reason for this is to keep the program as small as possible (and thus Aerofoil has no additional code to save any files) and because the default settings should rarely change after install (obviously you may want to change default settings temporarily which is why the options on the icon are there).