Saturday, March 07, 2009

F*** you to Orange

For the sake of over charging me £0.25, this year alone Orange have now just lost at least a guaranteed £150 (£15*10 months) from me (pay as you go) and £350 (£35*10 months) from my fiancée (contract).

What's more is that I'm now making around 50% savings and my other half 67% savings for the same service elsewhere* - that's better than I could have hoped! They'll also be losing out from extended family members switching long term.

"The future's bright" - it certainly is.

* Footnote: I chose to go with 3 Telecommuications because of free Skype and Windows Messenger calls.
Three like Orange are also owned by Hutchison-Whampoa but I don't have a "beef" with the parent company just Orange's poor marketing and customer service.

Update 8/11/09:

Well my parents are now on 3 and Asda, another loss of of about £240/year, excellent.
Total loss to Orange: £840/year


Christopher said...

Orange is a France Telecom franchise, not a Hutchison-Whampoa one... They've never been owned by H3G.

That's also the reason why Orange calls cost the same as a UK call if you roam on the Orange France network (they're classed as a network-internal call according to my friend on Orange who noticed this)

Benjamin said...

The website has a copyright at the bottom "© Hutchison 3G UK Limited 2002 - 2009 " at the bottom which is how I got my info :)