Sunday, May 31, 2009

Genuine Original Windows XP Themes Collection

A number of genuine themes have been released for Windows XP over the years.

As a convenience to readers I'm listing the download links to the Microsoft sites below - I'll update this post if any more become available (and when I find them - there is a "Watercolor" XP beta theme lurking around somewhere but I can't seem to find a Microsoft signed copy).

ZuneOrange and black
Windows EmbeddedDark blue
RoyaleShiny blue Windows Media Center (note Microsoft removed the official link here and replaced it with just the wallpapers).
Royale Noir(Incomplete black theme NOT compatible if you have standard Royale - read the linked page first!)

Update: I've just found out Viperfang covered all of these with screenshots a few weeks ago - have a look

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