Sunday, November 08, 2009

Aerofoil 1.5.0_01 Out

UPDATE: Please get the latest (1.5.0_03) version of Aerofoil from here

No changes to Aerofoil, just to its installer (About box in Aerofoil still shows "1.5.0").

Changes for 1.5.0_01:

  • Added installer options to add a "Configuration" shortcut to the start menu (configuration shortcut starts a copy of the installer for Aerofoil's reconfiguration).
  • Added automatic shutdown of Aerofoil on installer run.

These changes should hopefully deal with the concerns raised about the ease of reconfiguring Aerofoil. :)

If you are upgrading from Aerofoil 1.5.0 it is recommended you uninstall Aerofoil 1.5.0 first.

Download Aerofoil 1.5.0_01 Installer

Download Aerofoil 1.5.0_01 Source Code (C++)


Unknown said...

Love this. Very useful. But is there a way to disable the systray bubble notifications? Or at least have them disappear after a while. It gets annoying having to close the bubble every time I open my laptop or plug in/out.

Benjamin said...

Short answer - run the installer again (Configuration icon from the main menu in Aerofoil 1.5.0_01).

Longer answer - read the included readme.txt, see the FAQ section "* How do I save my default settings/why are my settings ignored?" which includes the other options.

All the best,


Benjamin said...

Also - if you click elsewhere or are doing something else the ballons/bubbles vanish automatically after a few seconds.


Benjamin said...

I'm tired, its late. Corrections for my two above comments:

"main menu" was meant to be the Windows Start menu->Aerofoil (typo)

"ballons" was meant to be balloons