Friday, December 11, 2009

Vampire Castle - Preview Release

Regular readers will have noticed I've been busy with other software projects and ignoring my Nintendo DS project "The Fruit Machine - Vampire Castle". Motivation and relative difficulty* to other software projects I've worked on have meant that this stopped development after I implemented a generic(ish) Fruit Machine framework and the part of the initial reference game "Vampire Castle".

Today I'll be restarting development on this project and to show good faith I've released the existing compiled binary and set up a sub project on this blog.

The current preview software is really a tech demo (hopefully with a commercial feel), but behind the scenes for developers there is a large amount of reusable framework implemented that isn't yet being fully utilised by Vampire Castle. This should make it easier for other developers to enhance/update/build on for their own fruit machines (it was my intention to write and include multiple machines but as I'm not a graphics artist the graphics and sound work wears me out very fast so I won't be doing this - at least initially).

What you'll find in this preview

- Intro screens
- Working reels and touchscreen actions
- Music and sound (sampled locally!)
- Working trails
- Rumble pack support

* Most of my time was spent on sound samples, graphics and QAing existing code for memory leaks - C++ is my third most used language thus I'm just an average developer at it :)

You Tube Video (doesn't do the demo justice)

Download Vampire Castle Preview NDS
C++ source code will be available on the official release date.

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