Sunday, December 05, 2010

Baps Delay

I was hitting a wall of bugs with my original version of the Baps app due to having to break requests in Bluetooth messages so I decided to re-write using streams (which is how data travels over regular network connections), which seemed like a really good idea but thanks to this 512 byte Nokia limitation/bug in JavaME it's going to take a bit longer to work around.


Rafael said...

Is this project dead? This is exactly what i'm looking for.

Benjamin said...

Not dead - just not on a priority list at the moment. I'm concentrating on a house move and wedding arrangements. On a further note I've had a change of heart and will probably put this on the OVI Store for a small fee (£3 or ~$5) - I think this is reasonable. For the price there will be a Windows installer, a small setup guide and free upgrades.

The current status is that whilst Baps partially works (in about 50% of cases) it doesn't handle certain types of data or disconnections very well which can lock up the phone-side internet connection.


Mathieu said...

When you have a working application, I'd like to download it so just tell me. I would pay for it on ovi store.

Liam said...

I'm interested in this project, since I have a 5230 and no data allowance on my phone contract. Let me know if you need a beta tester (I have Java experience as well).

Ciuc007 said...

I also am interested to buy this App. if will be available in OviStore.