Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Aerofoil 1.4 beta 2 released

Aerofoil the Vista Laptop Batter Saver (yes this is a googlebot search plug ;) ) now provides the following functionality and features:

  • Enable/Disable Vista's Aero Glass on AC/battery

  • Automatically switch Vista Power Plans on AC/battery to High performance/Power saver (fixed for languages other than English too)

  • Automatically enable/disable Windows Sidebar on AC/Battery

  • Vista hibernate/sleep would occasionally cause Aero Glass not to restart. Aerofoil will now attempt to restart Glass a number of times before giving up (usually this is successful in restarting). Note this is a Vista issue - not Aerofoil's (it just tries to work around it :) )

  • Still just a 40KB executable.

The "Auto Power Plan" option is now set on by default (off in beta 1), but "Auto Sidebar" is not since I do not use Windows Sidebar and don't want it starting when I plug my notebook into the AC :)

Final 1.4 version available here

Download here
GPL source code


Anonymous said...

hello there!
I like your program very much, I only have 2 suggestions (regarding 1.4 beta 2):

1. Please have a timeout on the balloon-tooltip, it's kinda annoying if you accidently mouse-over it and it pops right up.
2. In some circumstances, Aero doesn't get reactivated when I plug in the laptop, yet the profile gets changed back to full power. Explicitly clicking "enable aero" does the trick.
I believe this happens when I put the laptop in standby unplugged, and wake it up after plugging it.


greetings from germany


Benjamin said...

Your wish is my command - see the final version of 1.4. :) The issue with Aero not being re-enabled has a workaround fix in beta 2 that seems to work for me. For the final 1.4 version I have increased the fix's delay between attempts to re-enable Aero to half a second each (was 200ms), I hope that this helps!