Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Local Telephone Number for your Royal Mail Sorting Office

Prescot Royal Mail Post Sorting Office - 0151 4266169 (note, it's now 2012 and I don't think this number is valid anymore, or if it is, nobody appears to pick up)

Why did I just give you that local postal office number? My father and me are fed up of spending a small fortune on peak time phone calls to a unanswered 0845 number for the post office to find whether they have one of our missing parcels.

If you want to find more local post sorting office numbers visit - this is where you'll find the above number and more (search for "What Service? Distribution" and "Whereabouts: {your wanted location}").

If this link goes down or has the numbers removed Google with combinations of words such as the local telephone code (e.g. "0151"), office region name (e.g. "Prescot"), the first line of the address (useful with the local telephone code in a search for finding full contact page details), "collect parcel", "royal mail", "postal depot", and "sorting office". Good luck!

If you find this useful please drop a comment below so we know we're not the only people annoyed with the Royal Mail's privatisation cut backs.


Michelle said...

Hi Benjamin

Just wanted to say thank you very much for this. I have been searching but could not find the number for this office! I wanted to make a complaint as ive just had a load of verbal abuse from one of their delivery guys! I only asked could he not knock so loud next time cos he woke my baby up (this was at 8.20am) He started shouting at me and said he wont deliver any more parcels to me! I am so angry and upset and the treatment I have just received and spending a long time searching for the contact number doesnt help!!!

I'll stop rambling on now, but just wanted to say a big thank you :D


Anonymous said...

A big thank you!
Got so angry at not getting anywhere on the phone "speaking" to machines and getting nowhere, apart from spending a lot on of money.
It is absurd, but at least I am not alone!
Tnank you so much!

Anonymous said...

hello it is good ya have put this number up but all it does is ring and ring....i am not a very happy person as my post man is one lazy tw*t...he comes round to my area about 4 i have even known him to come at 6 thats because he had a really heavy night on the tils and he will tell ya him self...i have also been getting post that is date like 3 weeks early before i have ask round and they have said the same...a friend of mine who knows this post man very well drinks with him has told my friend he keeps the post in his house I WOULD LOVE TO KNOW I HOW I CAN GO ON ABOUT THIS AS IT UNFAR AS IT ARE POST AND I HAVE TO GO UP TO HOZ ALL THE TIME SO LETTERS RIGHT NOW ARE VERY INPORTANT TO ME....IF ANYONE CAN HELP THAT WOULD BE GREAT...

Benjamin said...

It may ring and ring for two reasons:

i) this post is VERY popular (and old), so many people may be using the number (and they're just ignoring it)

ii) they're busy - try very early morning, probably around 7.30am - 9am.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

When ringing it goes to the BT answer message???? Very annoying as waiting for a parcel which they say was delivered yesterday! Why cant I speak to someone???? Ridiculous.

Benjamin said...

Sorry I don't know if this number is still valid, this blog post was made 5 years ago.