Tuesday, February 17, 2009

LocateMe Update! Hooray!

Thanks to a very helpful user I've been able to improve integrated GPS support in LocateMe 1.0.1 Beta. Subject to extra testing I'll be releasing this as full 1.0.1 with source shortly. This isn't the rewrite I wanted for V2 (with all the extra bluetooth/logging/radar etc. features) but improved support/feature completion for the V1 lineage.

The improvements include:

- If you have an integrated GPS phone your bearing (course) and speed data will be read (if possible).
- Satellite View MAY work if the GPS supports providing raw NMEA data (not many phones support this feature, but it is attempted anyway).
- Uses white on black for main view (with arrow) to help conserve battery power (although I've no idea if this works it looks funky).
- Improved error handling in places.
- Updated (C) and text in places.
- Ticker (the scrolling marquee) now refreshes after 40 seconds not 30 to give more time to read it. Please remember that this data updates from the GPS every few seconds (~5 secs), so by the time it has been read it it may be old!
- You will be classed as "at the target" if within 10 metres of it (not 30 like 1.0)

So far this has been tested on the following handsets Nokia N95, Nokia 6650, Nokia 6300/3110 classic + BlueNEXT Bluetooth GPS, Nokia 6300/3110 classic + Bluetooth Holux GPS, Sun's WTK 2.5.2

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