Sunday, February 01, 2009

Rumble Pack Support in Vampire Castle

Luckily nobody from the NDS scene has caught onto this project yet which is quite nice because I can spend more time on QA and less dropping alpha versions out of the door. A good example of QA is work I've done today, whilst not largely progressing the development I have looked at adding rumble pack support (useful for simulating money falling into the fruit machine tray amongst other things) and cosmetic changes, such as "Click to play" becoming "Tap to play".

The end deliverables will be

- The Fruit Machine - Vampire Castle game.
- The Fruit Machine API - a framework for developing other fruit machines easily (although in C++, nothing high level I'm afraid).
- Fully documented source code.
- All of the source code, graphics and sound, including all content not used.

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