Friday, March 12, 2010

Image to ZX Spec 1.1 Released

Image to ZX Spec 1.1 is now freely available.
UPDATE: Get the latest 1.3.1 build

You can use Image to ZX Spec 1.1 online here (requires Java 6) or choose to download it.
Image to ZX Spec allows you to:

- Create retro art work, any size image can be "Spectrumized" (.png, .gif .jpg file) using
and one of 15(!) dithering modes (shading for the non techies).
- Convert JPEGS or GIFs to a ZX Spectrum slideshow (tap file).
- Convert JPEGS or GIFs to a ZX Spectrum SCREEN image (.scr file).
- Convert an entire directory of images, with previews.
- Choose from numerous processing options as to how the images will be converted.
- Change all processing options on-the-fly.

New for Version 1.1
- Added new Atrribute Favoritism feature to choose the colour set to use (greatly improves default image quality).
- Added Dither Preview feature which displays previews with different dithering algorithms (and takes advantage of multi core processors).
- Updated BASIC slideshow program with new warning to stop tape.
- Minor bug fixes to do with image conversion colour choice.
- Memory usage increased for larger image conversion (512MB min).
- Improved UI layout for Linux based systems (tested on Ubuntu)
- Main frame has splash picture, About box displays system info.

Java 6 or better
Online version: >256MB memory free (image size limited).
Standalone version: >512MB memory free (larger image sizes permitted).

Try Image to ZX Spec Online
Image to ZX Spec 1.1 Standalone
Image to ZX Spec 1.1 Source Code

Many thanks to Viperfang Networks for the hosting.


Bruno M Florindo said...

Hi. Would you consider adding support for ULA+ in future versions of your utility? More info can be found here:

Benjamin said...

I'm currently toying with dithvide mode, avi conversion and true multi core multi image processing so it's unlikely I'd be doing this soon.