Monday, March 22, 2010

Pay As You Go PAYG Price Changes on : What is it with greedy telecoms companies?!

I've decided to stay on three for the time being, however to subsidise their answerphone charges I and my finacée have now had to pay, I've switched my netbook to use an O2 SIM instead. Cost to me, nothing (I still pay O2 but have a larger download limit), cost to, £5-£10 a month.

Original post follows:
Basically I'm on Flat 12 tariff on the three network and a few minutes ago I texted new terms and conditions changes taking place from April 2nd.

Frankly I'm pissed off - here's the changes in summary (excluding international and special number price hikes):
  • Now charging 15p/min for voice mail/spam/skype spam that goes to your answer phone (this was free).
  • Trying to cut down their facebook bandwidth by offering facebook without pictures - text only - who does that really benefit three?
  • Free twitter - whoopie do. I don't twitter, but I bet three'll pull in some nice cross subsidy deal for this.
  • Telling me my calls to other mobile networks have gone up to 25p/min (I'm on flat 12, that's 12p for those idiots at three that can't count - I haven't changed my contract!)
  • Making out the existing unchanged free internet allowance and free texts are some great offers to make up for this price hike!!!
  • Tell me they are still better than their competitors (obviously running full damage control here - they know this'll be unpopular and cause people to leave). Orange used to say the same thing.
  • Hides the terms and conditions off their main website but sends you a link by phone to abbreviated stuff just meant to annoy.

Oh yes I can still get free Skype calls, but with all the recent outages, disconnects and failed logins I can't exactly rely on it - or is that the point?!

If this all goes through three can look forward to losing a large number of customers if they've got the nouse not to get fleeced by Three Telecom.


Anonymous said...

Totally agree. This really sucks, a real "up yours" to tell customers they've decided to charge something that was free previously

rogerjowett said...

have you ever actually sat down and worked out how much per minute an sms text message is costing you?
10p for 160 characters
9600 baud which i think is about a quarter of the 19200 BITS per second a mobile fone with text only screen used to have
works out at nearly £42 per minute!
x4 for foreign texts they are 40p
gprs mobile fones are nearly 50KB per second that is 20 times faster
most people never obother to send a full 160 charcaters so 80 characters is times two or 40 characters x 4
licence to print moeny think i might try the rutland broadband/mobile route!
bt broadband was 30KB per seocnd for 6 months
i have an external v34bis itu t v42 mnp5 modem that has transferred at 14KB per second and that was a compressed file talk about collusion worse than the building industry