Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Surfing the web Sinclair ZX Spectrum style

Recently I've integrated a Java proxy server and Image to ZX Spec to allow you to surf the web seeing every image as would be displayed on a ZX Spectrum.

Of course the youtube video being low resolution doesn't really help, but look at about 2 minutes in to see the difference when I disable the proxy.
I'll be releasing the proxy patches and a modified version of Image to ZX Spec that will allow you to do this with your own browser in a few days (fun for parties maybe?!!). If I get time I'll also add conversion of the font so the text on the pages even looks like that on a Spectrum.

If you came here looking for a real way of getting your old Spectrum on the net you should have a look at Spectranet.


Rich said...

I wonder what this would look like (unwarped Google Map Streetview images):


Benjamin said...

I'll have a look this evening and post a link back. I've not actually releasing this software update until at least this weekend as I've only just got permission to use a retro Spectrum font that I need to write a new text filter for. :)

Anonymous said...

Any updates on this? :)

Anonymous said...

Cool! Any update on this? :)