Saturday, June 26, 2010

Skype on 3 telecom not receiving calls

This is Part 1 (my first email), Part 2 of this is here

I'm putting this out there to see how many other people are having a problem with the recent Skype update disconnecting when idle or not minimising meaning you can no longer receive incoming Skype calls. I sent this to support, lets see what I get back:

Dear Sir/Madam,

Since recently updating Skype on my ZTE F102 the application no longer remains connected in the background after I minimise it. The application also disconnects from Skype when it is idle. This now means I will no longer receive incoming *Skype* calls during this time. I notice your Support on the subject (under "Skype calls and chats") has Skype questions for "Making a call", "Sending a Skype Chat" and "Receiving a Skype Chat", but NONE for receiving Skype calls.

I politely request that you restore the original functionality of the Skype application for which I purchased my phone, by either a providing a new version or enabling me to revert Skype to an older revision.

Yours faithfully,

Benjamin Brown


Anonymous said...

My ZTE Skype was also 'upgraded' recently and I have the same problems - Skype exits after a couple of minutes afetr putting to the background, also the battery life is now shortened by about three quarters of the previous time

Benjamin said...

I hadn't noticed the reduced battery time but leaving the app at the front (to stay logged in) does seem to do that.

Anonymous said...

I got my sister this phone last christmas, worked no problem until she got this forced upgrade. I have just tried to re upgrade and now all it gets is the start up screen. Skype doesnt work at all. Tried to go back to the old version but keeps forcing upgrade. Three should be ashamed of themselves for pulling a trick like this.

Anonymous said...

It's obvious whats happened. Three have sold these phones like sweets in a sweet shop because they advertised the phone as "free worldwide skype to skype without ever needing to top up". Anyone with half a brain knows these phones were a great way to chat to friends and family worldwide for absolutly free, no line rentals, no minimum top up - just totally free. I picked this one up for £19.99 from argos without getting asked to buy the top tenner top up.
Three have realised they have dropped a major clanger as there are a lot of people using these phones as long distance communication without putting any money back into the network.
Three must have known that there would be a hard core of buyers who would never top up and just use the phone soley for it's skype features.
Now they are trying to make it more difficult for people to stay signed into skype on the zte f102 so they will buy the skypephone s2 or the later version of the skypephone.
They sold the phone as "free skype calls forever without ever needing to top up" so I dont see how they can do this legally, I wonder what ofcom would make of this?