Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Update on Skype on F102 3 phone exiting when minimised

In a break from the norm I'm posting my 3 correspondence on my blog to garner some attention, maybe you'll have some fun reading it but the real grit on what I've uncovered can also be found here on the Skype forum.

My email is probably overkill and hyperbole but I was quite incensed by finding the forced upgrade deliberately prevents incoming calls when Skype is in the background and when Three's customer service told me I needed a better phone to run Skype properly. So incensed in fact I wrote a program to workaround it. In any case if it goes further I'll be claiming for 2x£30 (two phones) in the small claims court, it all depends on Three's (possible lack of) response.

Dear Sir/Madam,

Re. Notification of potential legal action.

About a week ago I sent a support email requesting that 3 restore my original Skype functionality to my F102 mobile phone as since the update I cannot receive any incoming SKYPE calls as the Skype application exits when it goes into the background ("minimised").
I received a call from one of your customer service representatives telling me because my phone "was not multitasking" I needed to upgrade it to run Skype in the background (despite my pointing out it was working fine in prior to the Skype update). I have uncovered EVIDENCE to suggest 3 HAVE DELIBERATELY pushed out this change in the Skype application reducing its functionality and this is NOT TO DO WITH THE PHONE NOT "MULTITASKING" - THE SKYPE UPDATE LINK CLEARLY STATES IT WILL EXIT IN THE BACKGROUND:

I request that you restore the previous version of Skype application on my phone within 10 days or will consider legal recourse and potential group action to rectify this situation as clearly 3 are at fault and have been attempting to make me purchase a new phone to solve the problem 3/Skype have caused.

Please email or post your response to me as I require your responses in writing. Telephone calls from 3 will be unanswered.

Yours regrettably,

Benjamin Brown

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Anonymous said...

lets hope 3 decide to update to a version that will stay signed in.